Silicon Carbide Powder Supplier

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A silicon carbide supplier can provide a variety of finely milled micro grains for industrial applications including abrasive blasting, ceramics, lapping, wiresawing and many more. This tough and refractory material has good corrosion, heat and abrasion resistance. It can also be used in metallurgy, chemical production and as a raw material to produce silicon carbide alloys and ceramics.

Silicon Carbide is a compound containing silicon and carbon and occurs naturally as the very rare mineral moissanite, but has been mass produced synthetically since 1893. It has a Mohs hardness of 9, slightly lower than that of diamond. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat, has high thermal shock resistance, and is highly resistant to chemicals, particularly acid.

There are several ways to make silicon carbide, but the most common is to reduce silicon dioxide with carbon in an electric furnace. The resulting grayish-black powder is then purified to create pure silicon. This is the raw material that can then be mixed with other materials to create composites, such as resin-bonded abrasive.

CUMI’s state-of-the-art milling and classification system ensures that these powders are of the highest quality. Safety screening is carried out to avoid the presence of coarse particles, and a particle size analyzer is used to monitor consistency and size distribution throughout the process. These are a few of the key features that set us apart from our competitors. The result is a consistently high quality product for our customers.