Natural Flake Graphite Powder

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natural flake graphite powder is a naturally occurring form of carbon that can be found in nature. Unlike coal, which can be contaminated by sulfur, natural flake graphite does not contain sulfur. This makes it an ideal material for sintering. It is also a good material for producing 3D shapes. It is used in the manufacture of graphite preforms, which are then fabricated into 3D parts by using a selective laser sintering machine.

The sintering process is a high-temperature operation that takes place in a vacuum or under pressure. Graphite preforms are made from mixture powder that contains natural flake graphite and other graphite powders. They are then subjected to sintering in order to make them more dense and compact. The sintering process is very important for the production of 3D graphite products.

In the sintering process, the flake graphite is first crushed into a coarsely ground state. The flakes are then coated with liquid phenolic resin. This helps to seal the pores of the flakes and make them more resistant to oxidation. The phenolic resin is then applied under vacuum pressure to the flake graphite. The sintering process can take up to 15 hours.

Typically, the sintering process is followed by a heat treatment. The temperature of the furnace depends on the type of sintering. It can reach temperatures of up to 850 deg. C.