The Bar of Iron

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The bar of iron is a piece of metal in the shape of an ingot used for crafting various items. It is crafted from the raw material of iron ore at a Furnace. There are 23 different bar types that can be crafted in this way. Obtaining most bar types requires only the respective ore as crafting ingredients, with the exceptions of Hellstone, Spectre, and Hallowed Bars, which are obtained by killing mechanical bosses.

Until the 18th century, wrought iron was produced by melting coal in an open hearth or finery furnace and then catching the droplets on a rod or staff, to allow them to cool down without losing their molten state. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, and corrosion resistant and can be forge welded easily. However, it is more difficult to work cold. It is also more vulnerable to brittleness due to introduced nitrogen, excess phosphorus, or high carbon content or excessive temperature during or too rapid rolling.

The REP Equalizer Iron plates are an excellent choice for powerlifters or anyone else who needs good-quality metal weights for Olympic-style lifts. They’re also an outstanding choice for CrossFit boxes that can take advantage of the added stability, durability, and strength-building qualities of thicker bars. The thicker diameter allows for greater muscle activation and enables you to lift more weight for a better, more significant strength gain. In addition, these iron plates have a machine-drilled center hole (not cast) for a tight fit on the barbell sleeve.