What is Titanium Carbide?

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What is it? Titanium Carbide ? The chemical formula of TiC is 59.89. Gray metallic face-centered cubic lattice solid. The melting point is 3140+90 and the boiling point is 4820. The relative density of 4.93 is also available. Hardness is higher than 9. It is insoluble when dissolved in water. However, it can be soluble in aqua regia and nitric acid. It is stable to air below 800 degC. It can also be corroded if exposed to air above 2000degC. Production method: This mixture of titanium and carbon is made by reacting TiO2 by hydrogen at high temperatures. TiO2 and carbon are then pressed into blocks and heated to 2300-2700 C in an electric furnace. Finally, the block is carbonized with H2 or CO atmosphere. It is also used to make electrodes and abrasives for arc lamps.
Titanium Carbide: The Characteristics
It is stable to the air at temperatures below 800degC. At 800degC it is slowly oxidized. Powdered TiC is able to be burned in O2 at 600degC for TiO2 and carbon dioxide. It is easily eroded if the temperature is greater than 2000°C. It reacts easily with oxygen, nitrogen and halogen when heated. It reacts with the molten alkali, and slowly de-C occurs when heated to more than 1500 in H2Chemicalbook gases. Mixes with N2 at above 1200°C to produce mixed titanium carbonitride Ti(C),N, with variable composition. Although it does not interact well with water, it can react with water to create TiO2, CO and hydrogen at temperatures over 700°C. It is not able to interact with CO but reacts with CO2 at 1200 degrees C to create TiO2 (and CO)
Titanium Carbide Properties
Other Titles titanium(IV) carbide, TiC powder
No. 12070-08-5
Combination Formula TiC
Molecular Weight 40.1
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3160 degC
Boiling Point 4820 degC
Density 4.93 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Weight 59.947946
Titanium Carbide TIC Powder CAS 12070 – 08-5
Titanium Carbide: What are its uses?
1. This is used for cutting tools, wear resistant coatings, mold making, and making metal crucibles to smelt metal.
2. Raw materials to produce ceramics and hard metal parts in powder metallurgy, such as wire drawing film, cemented carbide molds, or other forms of metallurgical material. Multiphase ceramics can be used for hard knives, military armor materials and aerospace Chemicalbook components. These include engines, nozzle lines, turbine rotors. blades and structural components in nuclear power reactors.
3. As a coating material it can be used for anti-tritium coatings in fusion reactors, diamond coating, electrical contact coating and excavator pick coat, as well foam ceramics and infrared ceramic materials.
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