The Properties And Application of boron carbide

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What is boron caride? Boron carbonide also known as black-diamond, is characterized by a molecular formula B4C. It’s usually a greyish-black powder. It is one the hardest material known. The other two being diamond and cubic boron nutride. Its Mohs Hardness is 9.3. Due to its low density, strength, high stability, and high chemical stability, Useful in ceramic reinforced phase, wear-resistant materials and reactor neutron absorbers. Boron carbide has a lower cost of production than cubic boron, which is why it is widely used. Boron carbide can sometimes replace diamonds and it is used for grinding, grinding and drilling. Application of Boron carbide 1.Control nuclear fission Boron carbide has the ability to absorb large quantities of neutrons while not forming radioisotopes. This makes it an ideal neutron absorber in nuclear power stations. The neutron absorbers control nuclear fission’s rate. Although it can usually be made into rods in the reactor yard, some people make powdered Boron Carbide due to the larger surface area. Russia dropped almost 2,000 tonnes of boron carbide sand and nearly 2000 tons of water in 1986 to prevent the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. 2.Abrasive material The use of boron carbide as coarse abrasive materials has existed for quite some time. Because of its high melting point it can not be cast into any artificial products. But, by melting it at high temperature it can still be transformed into simpler shapes. This is useful for polishing and drilling hard materials, such as precious and cemented stones and cement carbide. 3.Coating Boron carbide can be used to coat warships or helicopters with ceramics. The material is lightweight, and it can resist armor-piercing bullets. 4.nozzle You can use it as an arm industry gun nozzle. Boron carbide can be used as a gun nozzle in the arms industry. It has an extremely high wear resistance and density. Due to its high wear resistance, high hardness and durability, the boron-carbide sandblastingnozzle will replace other sandblasting tools such as silicon carbide/tungsten steel, silicon nitride and aluminum oxide. 5.other Boron carbide may also be used for the production of metal borides as well as smelting of sodium boron and other boron alloys. Advanc3dmaterials has over 12 years’ experience in Boron carbide research and development. We are here to help you find high-quality Boron carbide.
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