The Applications of Boron Carbide Powder

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Overview of Boron Carbide powder Boron carbide It is low in density and strong, has good high temperature stability, chemical stability, as well as good strength. It is therefore widely used in wear-resistant material, ceramic reinforcement phases and lightweight armor. Boron carbide has a lower cost of production than diamond and cubic-boron nitride. This makes it more popular. It is sometimes used in place of expensive diamonds for polishing and grinding, drilling, etc.
B4C powder features high purity, low particle size distribution and a large specific surface area. B4C powder can be described as a synthetic superhard materials with a hardness level of 9.46, a microhardness range of 56-6200Kg/mm2, an average of 252g/cm3, a melting point at 2250 degrees Celsius and a ratio of 2.52g/cm3.
Chemical properties, non-magnetic at high temperature and low temperatures, strong acid, strong pH. Boron carbide has the ability to absorb neutrons and not emit harmful gamma-rays. It is less hard than diamond. Boron carbide, one of the most stable acids, is stable in all concentrated and dilute acids as well as alkali-aqueous solutions. Boron carbonide is stable at 800 degrees Celsius in an ambient air temperature. The boron dioxide, which is the result of oxidation at high temperatures, is lost in gas phase. This makes it unstable and oxidizes to form carbon dioxide and then boron trioxide.
Boron carbide absorbs a large amount of neutrons and does not form radioactive isotopes. It is a great neutron absorber for nuclear power stations. It is used to control nuclear fission’s rate. Nuclear reactors use Boron carbide. A controllable rod, sometimes powdered due to the larger surface area.
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What are the potential applications Boron Carbide powder?
It can control nuclear fission. It is a good neutron absorber to nuclear power plants. It is primarily used to control the rate at which nuclear fission takes place. The majority of Boron is made into controllable rods for nuclear reactors. However, the surface area increases can sometimes make it into powder.
Abrasive: Boron Carbide has been used for many years as a coarse abrasive. The powder is not easily castable into artificial products because of its high melting temperature, but it can be melted to make simple shapes. It can withstand high temperatures. Useful for polishing, grinding, drilling, and grinding hard materials, such as gems and cemented carbide.
Boron carbide is also a coating paint that can be used on warships and helicopters. It is light-weight and resistant to armor-piercing bullets. The hot-press coating forms an overall defense layer.
Nozzle: Boron carbide can be used to make a spray gun nozzle for the ordnance business. Boron carbide is very hard and wear-resistant. It does not react to acid or alkali and can withstand high pressure and high temperatures. Boron carbide is used to make metalborides and smelt boron, sodium-boron and boron alloys.
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