Sodium Methoxide Melting Point

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CH3ONa is a caustic substance that may cause chemical burns if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. It is also a strong oxidizer and can ignite combustibles like paper, oil, and clothing when exposed to heat. It reacts violently with water to decompose and release toxic and corrosive fumes. It can also explode when it is mixed with acids, alcohols, or phenols. It can also form explosive mixtures with nitric acid and phosgene. sodium methoxide melting point is very high, and it can be dangerous to handle.

Sodium methoxide is white and hygroscopic in powder form. It is a common reagent used in the manufacture of various medicines such as Vitamin A1 and A2, sulfadiazine, and trimethoprim. It is also used as a condensing agent, methoxy agent, and strong alkaline catalyst. It is also used as a chemical to convert edible oils and fats into biodiesel.

To prepare sodium methoxide, pour a solution of metallic sodium into an excess of anhydrous methanol in a flask. Stir the solution until it completely dissolves. Then slowly and carefully add xylene into the reaction. After a few days, the level of methanol in the solution will decrease to 50 g. Once the methanol level is 50 g, it can be filtered and recrystallized to produce sodium methoxide.

American Elements manufactures sodium methoxide solution in a wide range of concentrations to meet your specific application needs. We can provide you with dissolved homogeneous solutions at the customer-specified concentration or to the maximum stoichiometric concentration. We can also package it in a variety of containers including 55 gallon drums, totes, and smaller units. We can also supply technical, research and safety (SDS) information based on your specifications.