NCDC Zinc Octoate

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We are amongst the renowned manufacturer of NCDC zinc octoate(Zn). zinc octoate is used with active dryers to retard surface drying, which opens the surface for continuous oxygen penetration and absorbs vapors. This helps in improving through drying and preventing wrinkling in the film. It also exhibits fungicidal properties and finds application as a rot proofing agent. It is effective in reducing moisture content of the film and inhibits mold growth in rubber and pharmaceutical industries.

Zinc carboxylates demonstrate anti-oxidant properties, and are commonly used as additives to retard the thermal breakdown of lubricating oils and greases. They are also highly efficient in stabilizing PVC against in-process heat degradation, either by themselves or in conjunction with Calcium or Barium.

Our products are available in a wide range of concentrations, metal blends and solvents to meet your specific requirements. They are suitable for use in various paints, printing inks and coating applications. They are ideal for high viscosity media which may have limited solubility in the solvent employed and they can prevent the absorption of primary driers in pigmented media.

zinc octoate is an excellent replacement for zirconium driers in situations where accelerator bloom may be a problem. It also promotes polymerization of the media, improves gloss and water resistance and reduces brittleness of the film. It is especially useful in situations where high humidity or low temperatures cause rapid film formation. It is also very effective in scuffing or surface scuffing applications.