Natural Silver Wool – A Soft, Warm Gray With an Amethyst Undertone

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A soft, warm gray with an amethyst undertone, Natural silver wool is a perfect paint color for your open floor plan. Pair it with a variety of other colors for a truly unique look!

A breathable, super-fine merino wool yarn with a conditioned crease-resistant finish. The robe is lightweight, comfortable, and durable, while also regulating temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Unlike other textiles, silver wool is resistant to bacteria growth, making it the ideal choice for any room that requires odor control. It can also be machine washed for a long time without any issues, and it is naturally anti-microbial.

This fabric is made of fine, ultra-fine merino wool with a special coating of pure silver that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric, which allows for matchless odor control. This cloth is a great option for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, where it can be worn and washed multiple times without losing its durability.

White, light gray, and black wool can be obtained naturally by shearing sheep, while brown and pink wool are available through crafting. Sheep can be sheared in dungeons or by killing Spiders, and will drop 1 to 3 wool blocks depending on the color.

Wool is a block that was introduced in Minecraft Beta 1.2, and was previously called cloth blocks. It comes in 16 different colors, but the palette is slightly different than the one used in Beta. It can be used to create paintings, carpeting, colorful structures, and in-game pixel art.

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