Magnetic Material Fe3O4 Powder Introduction

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It is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Fe3O4. This is a black magnetic crystal. Iron Oxide .

Fe3O4 Properties

It is an iron oxide with mixed valence. It has a melting-point of 1597degC. It is insoluble with water but soluble with acid solutions. Magnetite is the natural form of Fe3O4 at room temperatures. It has a high conductivity and strong submagnetism.
The combustion of iron wires in oxygen produces ferroferric dioxide. By comparing the Gibbs energy produced by a standard mole of ferroferric oxide, we can conclude that Fe3O4 exhibits the highest thermodynamic stability.

Fe3O4 exhibits anti-corrosion properties. In the case of bluing steel parts, also known as baking blue and blue-burning, an alkaline oxidizing liquid is used to produce a blue-black Fe3O4 coating on the surface. Used to improve corrosion resistance, aesthetics and gloss.

Application of Fe3O4 Powder

Magnetic iron oxide (MIO) is used widely in various industries.
Ferroferric oxide, a common magnetic material, is ferroferric dioxide.
As a raw material, audio tapes and other telecommunications devices are manufactured using a special ferroferric compound.
Magnetite, or Fe3O4, is a naturally occurring mineral that is used to smelt iron.
Primer and topcoat are made from Fe3O4 Powder.
Iron catalyst (a type of catalyst) is produced primarily from ferric oxide.
Fe3O4 can be used for abrasives because of its hardness. It is used extensively in automobile brakes such as brake shoes and brake pads.
Ferroferric Oxide has been recognized as a domestic welding material. Production of welding rods and cables is still very new, but the market prospects are vast.

The high specific gravity of Fe3O4 and its strong magnetism make it a great choice for wastewater treatment.
Ferroferric Oxide can be used both as a pigment or polishing agent.
Certain chemical reactions can be used, like the use of sodium-nitrite etc., to form an oxide layer of ferroferric, which is then applied to the steel surface to either prevent or delay corrosion. Blackened, the material is known as “baked-blue”.
Fe3O4 is used in the manufacture of special electrodes.

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