How to Decorate Tin Sleeves

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tin sleeves, also known as belly band packaging, are a simple and inexpensive way to dress up any product. They’re perfect for any industry, but especially useful for food manufacturers who want to enhance the look of their tin products. They’re even a great option for a new company that wants to brand itself without spending thousands of dollars on a custom label.

Before painting, tin must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any grease or soap film. It is also recommended to apply a coat of either brush-on or spray metal primer. Finally, tin should be lightly sanded to smooth the surface, which will help paint adhere and resist oxidation. A wire bristle brush or medium grit sandpaper should be used in a circular motion.

The simplest option for decorating a tin is to apply a thin layer of enamel spray. Sprays are available at any hardware store or home improvement center. You can also experiment with different colors of acrylic paint and other materials, such as shale or slate. If you want a more elaborate decoration, consider wrapping the tin in coordinated wallpaper scraps. You can often find old samples of wallpaper at local interior decorators’ discards or at a Creative Reuse Center.

Adding a sleeve to a tin can also be more visually appealing than using paper or another material. The sleeve can be as simple or as elaborate as desired, but it’s important to keep in mind the color and design that will be visible from all sides. If the sleeve will be on display, it’s a good idea to use a sealer such as spray FolkArt Clear Acrylic Sealer.