Graphene Dispersion

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graphene dispersion is one of the key elements that are needed to unlock the full potential of graphene as an advanced material. The right dispersion can result in a high quality, repeatable and consistent formulation that offers consistency, improved performance, longer shelf life and easier incorporation into a range of industrial applications.

GOgraphene offer both aqueous dispersions and powders, so that researchers can purchase one or the other depending on the research they’re carrying out. For example, if the research is aqueous-based then it is likely that the researcher will prefer to purchase an aqueous dispersion as it prevents them from having to dry it themselves and thus reduces the cost of the product.

We also produce dispersions in a variety of solvents, resins and water-based solutions so that formulators and materials engineers can add graphene nanoplatelets into liquid carriers that are appropriate for their individual systems. This allows them to take advantage of graphene’s value-adding properties, such as low permeability, increased strength, enhanced barrier and thermal and electrical conductivity.

Our dispersions are stable at optimal concentrations, avoiding the accumulation of surfactant molecules and therefore achieving better dispersion and stability in aqueous systems. This is important as it means the graphene is not prone to clustering together, which can cause abrasion and etching.

In addition, the dispersion is optimised for UV-vis absorption, resulting in greater adsorption intensity and greater stability over time. This can be particularly beneficial in aqueous-based systems, as it can help to prevent the dispersions from restacking during storage or mixing with other liquids.