Graphene Dispersion

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Incorporating graphene into a host material is the key to unlocking its outstanding properties. However, even the highest quality nanoplatelets will fail to deliver the benefits they promise unless they are properly dispersed in the end product. Getting that right is challenging. Graphene Central has developed a technology that allows us to produce high-purity, high quality graphene dispersions in low viscous polymer matrices and resins. This dispersion can be used as is or mixed with other additives to provide a wide range of applications.

Stable graphene dispersions can be achieved using several methods; the most effective are sonication and exfoliation. A number of surfactants have been found to work well with graphene, including NMP, DMSO, DMF and Ionic Liquids (IL).

One of the most promising approaches to improving the stability of dispersions is combining them with the exfoliation process. This has been shown to increase the concentration of dispersed graphene from a few ppm to 12 mg gmL-1.

In addition to enhancing stability, exfoliation also increases the efficiency with which graphene can be introduced into host materials. This is particularly important for applications where the graphene is required to form a continuous network.

Graphene Central’s dispersions are available in a wide range of polymer matrix and resin options and can be tailored to your specific application requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.