Calcium Selenate

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Calcium is a reactive alkaline earth metal frequently used as an alloying agent in the production of aluminum, beryllium and other compounds. It is also a biologically essential substance found in teeth, bones and shells.

In contrast to sulfates, the hydrogen bonds which water molecules form with calcium atoms are stronger in selenate compounds (Petrusevski and Soptrajanov 1984). Comparisons of spectroscopic bands corresponding to the stretching vibrations of the tetrahedral anions in protiated and partly deuterated CaSeO4*2H2O, YPO4*2H2O and their mixed crystals show that they appear at lower frequencies than those for gypsum (CaSO4*2H2O): 3242 cm-1 for the sulfate, 3232 for the phosphate and 2293 cm-1 for the selenate. This could be attributed to the fact that in the selenate ions the proton acceptor strength of the hydrogen bonds is much higher, facilitating polyfurcate formation of water-hydrogen bonds and increasing the coordination number of the NH4+ guest ions in the potassium matrices (Petrusevski and Sulfova 1986; Cvetkovic et al 1997).

American Elements supplies calcium selenate in most volumes including hydrate and anhydrous forms. It is typically shipped in compliance with applicable ASTM testing standards.

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