3D Printing Nitinol Powder With Excellent Performance

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Nitinol This is a type of shape memory metal and it’s used in 3D printers. Shape memory alloy is an alloy that has good plasticity and can restore its original form at a given temperature.
Nitinol alloy is made up of two metals, titanium and nickel. The austenite phase, and the martensite, are different phases of crystallization due to temperature and mechanical stress changes. The nickel-titanium metal alloy has many other excellent characteristics, such as corrosion resistance, super elasticity, and wear resistance.

Nitinol Powder Performance

1. Shape memory
The material automatically returns to its mother phase when it undergoes a reverse phase transformation. It is true that the shape memory process is a thermally initiated phase transformation of Nitinol.

Superelasticity is the phenomenon in which a sample under the influence of an external force produces a larger strain than its elastic limit, but the strain can automatically be restored upon unloading. It is the case that, when the parent phase is in its state, the martensitic transformation due to stress occurs. This results in a different mechanical behavior than ordinary materials.

3. Sensitivity in the mouth to temperature changes
The temperature of the mouth cavity does not affect the correction force of CoCr alloy wire or stainless steel wire. The temperature in the oral cavity affects the corrective force of super-elastic nickel titanium alloy orthopedic wire.

4. Corrosion resistance
According to recent studies, the corrosion resistance between stainless steel and nickel-titanium is almost identical.

5. Anti-toxicity
This alloy is a nickel-titanium atomic alloy, containing approximately 50% nickel. Nickel has been known to be carcinogenic, as well as cancer-promoting. In normal conditions, the titanium oxide surface layer acts as barrier. This makes Ni-Ti alloy biocompatible. TiXOy, TixNiOy and TixNiOy on the surface can inhibit Ni release.

6. Corrective correction
Currently commercially used orthopedic wires include austenitic stainless steel wires, cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy wires, nickel-chromium alloy wires, Australian alloy wires, gold alloy wires and ss titanium alloy wires. Nitinol has the flattest unloading curve, and is also the lowest. This means that Nitinol can deliver the softest and most durable correction force.

7. Good shock absorption properties
The root and periodontal tissue is more damaged by the higher the vibration caused by the archwire. According to the results of various arch wire attenuation studies, the vibratory amplitude for stainless steel wire was larger than that of super elastic Ni-Ti. The initial vibratory amplitude of Ni-Ti super-elastic arch wire is only about half of the vibrational amplitude of stainless steel arch wire. The health of teeth is extremely important.

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