Zinc Bromate

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zinc bromate is an acidic inorganic salt that is soluble in water and is used as a cleaning agent for stainless steel and aluminum alloys. It is also used as a deodorizer in the manufacture of perfumes and is found in cosmetics and as an ingredient in some medications. It is considered hazardous and may cause burning of the skin, eyes and nose on contact. Zinc bromide may also cause irritation of the throat and lungs when inhaled.

The chemistry of zinc bromate is similar to that of its analogues, namely the hydrochloride, dibromide, and iodide. It is a Lewis acid and is used in organic synthesis and as an electrolyte in the zinc bromide battery. It is also used in oil wells as a solution to displace drilling mud during transition from the drilling phase to the completion phase. Zinc Bromide 75% is sold as an anhydrous powder and aqueous solution in drums, barrels, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), 100 kg canisters, 500 kg IBCs, 1500 kg IBCs, and 2000 kg IBCs.

The zinc-bromine flow battery is a hybrid redox flow battery that offers one of the highest cell voltages and energy densities among flow batteries. The cell stack consists of carbon-plastic composite electrodes and is separated by a microporous polyolefin membrane. During charge, metallic zinc is plated as a film on the anode side of the stack and oxidized to Zn2+ ions that dissolve into the aqueous anolyte. The ions travel to the cathode where they are reduced to bromine molecules that are absorbed by an organic amine in the catholyte. The resulting bromine-adduct oil sinks to the bottom of the catholyte tank and is recombined with the anolyte during discharge.