Why molybdenum powder is one of the trace elements necessary for plants?

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What’s molybdenum powder? Molybdenum Powder The material is hard but ductile. It is strong even when heated up to extremely high temperatures. It can be stored in normal air temperatures. At high temperatures it will burn to form molybdenum dioxide. It is possible to combine with bromine or chlorine. It’s insoluble in hydrochloric or hydrofluoric. It is soluble in hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and nitric acids. You should expect uniformity in colour and no visible inclusions. Additionally, molybdenum dust can be broken down into molybdenum molybdenum granules (GCC), and light molybdenum granules (PCC). You can manually control the properties of molybdenum dust, including its colour and particle size as well as dispersion, rheological, thixotropy, and crystal form. Additionally, molybdenum is a powder that has high chemical purity and strong chemical inertness. The powder will not undergo decomposition below 400.

Molybdenum powder preparation
Industrial production uses molybdenum triooxide. This can be reduced by hydrogen to form molybdenum I. Secondary ammonium molybdate, which can then be heated and treated with acid to get molybdenum trichoxide. The hydrogen is then reduced in an electric tubular furnace. However, molybdenum can also be reduced with carbon to make it powder. The purity is low. To make molybdenum powder, heat molybdenum dioxide at 450700. Then, reduce it at 9001100 in the second stage.

Molybdenum Powder
Fool is used to make large slabs. Fmo-2 is used in silicon-controlled wafers as well as molybdenum tips. Fmo-2 can be used for powder metallurgy and building materials as well as in chemistry and petroleum. Molybdenum can be used in trace element fertilizer and as an essential trace element for plants.

Security of molybdenum-powder
High heat can cause molybdenum to explode, or it may burn and burst when the powder is exposed to too much heat. The molybdenum will react to oxidants strongly to make molybdenumoxide. It is best to pack your product in a clear plastic polyethene container. Make sure the cap is tightened and that the plastic container is placed in an wooden box. You can also pack the product in an iron bucket lined up with plastic bags made of polyethene, with each bucket having a weight limit of 30kg. You should write “moisture-proof”, “fragile”, or “upward” on the wooden box/iron bucket. It is important that the product be kept dry in an air-conditioned warehouse, free from acids and alkali. Protect the product from moisture, rain, and heat during shipping. Half a year is the storage time for molybdenum dust. Use soap and water to wash your skin and eyes if you come in contact with molybdenum dust. If the condition is severe, consult a physician. Take enough water to incite vomiting. Use a dry powder fire extinguishing agents to save yourself in the event of a fire.

Prices for molybdenum powde
Price of molybdenum dust will depend on its particle size and purity. The purchase volume may also have an effect on how much powder you buy. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the price for molybdenum powder.

Suppliers of Molybdenum Powder
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