What is Vanadium Nitride VN?

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Vanadium-nitride (or VN) is a mixture of vanadium, nitrogen. It’s a black powder made from cubic crystals with a molecular weight 64.95.

Vanadium-nitride is used to increase wear resistance during the nitriding of steel. You can form VN with another phase of the nitriding process. This is also called vanadium nutride. VN can be described as a cubic-rock salt structure. Also, there is a cryogenic variant that has V4 clusters. The low temperature phase occurs when the energy in the vibration mode of the NaCl high temperature structure phase falls below zero. This is called dynamic instability.

It’s a superconductor with strong coupling. The potential for supercapacitors is attributed to nanocrystalline vanadium. Vanadium Nitride’s physical properties can be sensitively affected by how the material is weighed.

Vanadium-nitride, a new alloy additive can be replaced by ferrovanadium for the manufacture of microalloyed stainless steel. Addition of vanadium to steel will improve steel’s mechanical properties such as toughness, strength and ductility. This can also make steel easier to weld. The addition of vanadium-nitrogen alloy to steel can improve the strength and reduce the cost of vanadium. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used for structural steel and tool steel as well as pipe, tube, bar, and cast iron. Use of vanadium/nitrogen alloys in low-alloy steel can provide effective vanadium and microalloying. They also help to promote carbon, vanadium or nitrogen compound precipitation in steel.

What’s Vanadium Nitride (VN) Used for?

Vanadium-nitride makes steelmaking more efficient than the high vanadium ferrous additive. The nitrogen content in vanadium iron nitride may promote vanadium’s precipitation. This can make vanadium-rich precipitated materials finer and more formable.

Useful for the manufacture of wear-resistant semiconductor films.

It’s a novel and effective vanadium-alloy additive that can be used for high strength low steel products, such as non-quenched tempered steels, high speed steel, pipeline steel, and many others.

Vanadium-Nitride VN Price

Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.

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