What Is Potassium Bicarbonate Bulk Density?

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A potassium bicarbonate bulk density is a measure of the amount of product particles that can be formed by mixing together a particular weight of a feed mixture containing potassium bicarbonate, sodium sesquicarbonate and water.

Potassium bicarbonate is a white crystalline, slightly alkaline and salty substance that contains potassium cations (K+) and bicarbonate anion (HCO3-). It may be used to treat a low blood potassium level.

In the human body, potassium is an essential mineral that provides the energy required to maintain key bodily functions and to regulate the heartbeat. It is also necessary to ensure the proper function of the nerves and muscles.

It is a strong buffering agent in medications. It is also a common ingredient in low sodium baking powders and powder fire extinguishers.

The chemical structure of a KHCO3 molecule is depicted in the following figure. It is formed when carbonic acid undergoes deprotonation, whereby a central carbon atom is chemically bonded to three oxygen atoms.

When a KHCO3 molecule is heated at 120°C, it begins to undergo a decomposition reaction, which produces water, carbon dioxide, and potassium bicarbonate. This process is reversible at room temperature.

A potassium bicarbonate bulk density can range from about 50 grams per liter to about 400 grams per liter. This is a relatively high volume product, and it can be produced in various forms, including high purity, submicron and nanopowders.

A suitable potassium bicarbonate bulk density can be obtained by combining the ingredients of a feed mixture that includes about 80% by weight crude sodium bicarbonate, 1% by weight by weight of wettable sulfate of Potassium, and 10% by weight by weight of Wegscheider’s Salt. Then, the feed mixture is mixed together and fed to a feed mixer for dispersion in the form of product recycle. Then, the product is filtered and dried.

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