What is Molybdenum Disilicide Used For?

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Molybdenum diilicide MoSi2 a kind intermediate phase with the highest level of silicon in Mo-Si binaural alloy system. It is a Dalton intermetallic compound of fixed composition. It is a high-temperature material that has great performance, with dual characteristics of ceramic and metal. MoSi2 exhibits good resistance to oxidation at high temperature. The oxidation temperature can reach 1600. This is very similar to SiC. It is medium in density (6.24g/cm3) with a low thermal expansion (8.1×10-6 K-1), high electrothermal conductivity (good), and ceramic-like hardness, brittleness, and lower brittle-ductile temperature (1000). It exhibits a soft plasticity that is metal-like above 1000. MoSi2 can be used to heat, integrate circuits, high temperature resistance coating, and high-temperature structural material.
MoSi2 contains silicon and molybdenum bonded with metal bonds. In MoSi2, silicon and silicon can be connected by covalent bond. Molybdenum disilicide, a gray, tetragonal crystal, is also present. It is insoluble with most mineral acids (including aqua regia), but it is soluble in a mixture between nitric and hydrofluoric acids. It is capable of oxidation resistance at high temperatures, and can be used to heat elements in an oxidation environment at high temperature (1700).

For what purpose is Molybdenum Disilicide used?
Molybdenum diicide is used for high temperature antioxidation coatings, electric heating element elements, integrated electrode film, structural materials, reinforcers and wear-resistant material, bonding materials of structural ceramics, and structural materials. Specifically:
Energy chemical industry: Electric heating elements, high heat exchangers of nuclear reactor devices, gas burners. High temperature thermocouples with their protective tubes. Melting vessel crucibles (for melting tin, sodium, lead, bismuth and other metals).
Industries in microelectronics: MoSi2 is an important candidate material for large-scale interconnect and gate films in large-scale integrated Circuits.
Aerospace industry: The application and research into high temperature antioxidation coating material for aerospace has been extensive. It is used as a material for components of turbine engines such as blades. impellers. burners. tail nozzles. sealing devices.
Automotive industry: engine parts, turbochargers, valve bodies and spark plugs.

What restrictions does MoSi2 impose?
MoSi2 is very soft at temperatures below 1000°C. This means it will become plastic at higher temperatures.
It is also susceptible to creeping at temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Celsius.

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