What is Fe3O4 Powder?

What is it?

Fe3O4 Pulp

Fe3O4 (inorganic substance) has the chemical formula Fe3O4. It is a magnet black crystal and is therefore also known as magnetic iron dioxide. It is not considered ferrous metaferrite [Fe(FeO2)2], and it cannot be considered a mixture (FeO2O3) of iron oxide (Fe2O3). However it can be approximately regarded at ferrous oxygen. A compound consisting of iron oxide and iron (FeO*Fe2O3). This substance is insoluble when it comes into contact with water, alkaline solution, and organic solvents such ethanol or ether. Insoluble in acid solution, natural ferricoxide is easily oxidized into iron oxide (Fe2O3) when the environment is humid. It is most commonly used as a pigment or polishing agent. However, it can also serve to manufacture audio tapes.

Fe3O4 powder’s key features

Black Fe3O4 is an iron valence oxalate with a melting temperature of 1597degC, and a density at 5.18g/cm3. It is insoluble and soluble both in water as well as in acid solution. It can be found as magnetite in nature.

Ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic materials undergo a second order phase transition above Curie temperature, which transforms into paramagnetic compounds. The Curie temperature is 585 for Fe3O4. Ferric oxide is formed when iron wire is heated in oxygen. Comparing the standard mole iron oxide to produce Gibbs free energy, it was found that Fe3O4 has a greater thermodynamic stability. The product is Fe3O4. Iron oxides form when iron comes in contact to air. This is because the chemical compositions of the oxide films are not uniform. Three oxide films can be applied to a piece low carbon steel: FeO covers the metal, Fe2O3 covers the air and Fe3O4 covers the middle. The oxide film may consist of a mixture of solid saturated solutions of the three different oxides. The oxide film’s thickness can vary depending on how it is oxidized in different environments. At room temperature, the oxide film thickness on relatively pure iron is not more than 20 angstroms (1.angstrom = 0.1nm), but it can be seen that the oxide film thickness increases in humid air. This is when the oxides are deposited in layers. The layer closest to the metal is an dense amorphous-hydrous layer and the layer close to air is thick porous hydration. Fe3O4 and Hydrogen are formed when iron reacts to water vapor. Fe3O4 has an anti-corrosion property. To blue steel parts (also known under the names bluing and baking), you use an alkaline-oxidizing solution to form a Fe3O4 coating on the steel surface. It is used to increase gloss, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics.

Iron Oxide Properties

Other Titles
Magnet black, fenosoferric dioxide, ferro ferricoxid

Ferroferric Oxide, Fe3O4


Combination Formula

Molecular Weight

Black Powder

Melting Point
1597 degC

Boiling Point

4.8-5.1 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Exact Mass

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder CAS 1317-61-9

Fe3O4’s applications

1. Ferric oxide can be used as a magnetic material.

2. As a raw material for recording tapes or telecommunication equipment, a special made pure ferric dioxide is used.

3. This is used for primers or topcoats.

4. Ferric oxide is the main ingredient for the production iron catalyst (a catalyst).

5. In the field of domestic welding materials ferric oxide has been recognised. The production of welding wires and electrodes is still in its infancy and there is a lot of potential.

6. Ferric oxide is a strong magnet and has a high specific gravity, which makes it an excellent choice for wastewater treatment.

7. Also, ferric oxide can be used as a polishing and pigment agent.

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