What is Alumina Nanoparticle used for?

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The coating material for the lithium battery’s diaphragm is High purity micro alumina. This ceramic coating acts as heat resistance and insulation to protect the battery from being shorted by high temperature or diaphragm melt.

Additional ingredients for lithium battery cathode materials:
Doped with lithium cobalt, lithium manganate, high-purity nanoalumina can increase thermal stability and cycle performance, prevent the formation of oxygen, the decomposition LiPF6, and reduce direct contact between LiCo02 (electrolyte) and LiCo02. It also increases the electrochemical specific capacities of LiCoO2.

A porous material with high purity of g type nano-alumina has a surface area of many hundred of meters per gram. It also exhibits high activity and strong absorption capabilities. It’s a common adsorbent, catalyst, and carrier in petroleum refinery and the petrochemical sector.

Anti-caking Powder Coating:
Summer can be prevented by nano-alumina. The use of nanometer aluminum trioxide in powder coatings is a great way to improve powder coating’s fluffiness and provide good anti-caking effects. This powder coating is stable in extreme temperatures or high humidity environments.

Hardening and wear-resistant coating for rubber or plastics:
Nano-alumina can increase the durability and resistance to scratches of the coating by adding between 2-50%. The paint can have a fine network structure that protects the polymer paint from scratching and wear. The scratch resistance of nanopaint is three times better than original paint. This paint is commonly used for automobile paints, such as the GM-Aluminum Trioxide. A nano-aluminum triooxide is able to significantly increase the hardness and can even reach as high as 6-7H. It does not affect the transparency of coating.

Plastics, rubbers, adhesives, paint thermal conductivity:
One crystal Alumina single-crystal thermal conductivity is 30 nanometers alumina. It also has high thermal conductivity. Large spherical filled. Surface treatment agents like coupling agents can be used to improve thermal conductivity. They are often used in order to improve compatibility with resin matrix fillers and other matrix materials.

High purity and uniform size of the nano-alumina particles make it a great choice for dispersion. If 10% of alumina is added into the sintered ceramics it increases the forming pressure, which may reduce the number pores. This can also increase the density of ceramic blanks.

The nano-alumina used in metallurgy is small in size with a high specific surface area.

These alumina particles have uniform sphericity and can be used for polishing. Polishing zinc is fast, bright, and without scratches.

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