Titanium Diboride Powder Properties And Applications

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titanium diboride

The powder is grayish-black with a hexagonal structure (AlB2). It has a very hard surface and a melting temperature of 2980degC. The titanium diboride anti-oxidation temperatures in the air are up to 1000 and it is stable with HCl acid and HF.

Titanium Diboride Powder Properties

The compound TiB2 is the most stable of all boron-titanium compounds. It is composed of valence and C32 bonds. It is a hexagonal metalloid. The crystal’s structural parameters are: C is 0.3228nm; a is 0.302nm.

The two-dimensional network formed by the boron plane and the titanium plane in the crystal structure alternates between a covalently-bonded B with three other Bs. An extra electron creates a large pbond. This graphite like layered structure between boron electrons and Ti outer layers determines the conductivity and metallic shine of TiB2, while the Ti-B bonds between the boron surface and titanium surface determine the hardness and brittleness of this material.

Titanium Diboride Powder Applications

Titanium Diboride is used to produce composite ceramic products. Due to its resistance to corrosion in molten metallic crucibles or electrolytic cell electrodes, titanium diboride can be used.

1. Conductive ceramics. Titanium Diboride is a main raw material for vacuum coating conductive Evaporation Boat.

2. Ceramic molds and cutting tools. Titanium Diboride can also be used to make finishing tools, wire drawings dies or extrusions.

3. Composite ceramic materials. Titanium diboride may be an important component for multiple composite materials. It can also be used in composite materials, along with TiC, TiN or SiC, to produce various high temperature parts and functional components, including high temperature crucibles. It can also be used for armor protection. One of the most effective materials.

4. Cathode coating for aluminum electrolytic cell. TiB2 can be used as a cathode for the aluminum electrode cell due to its good wettability.

5. Titanium diboride may be used as a PTC heating material and flexible PTC material. Its characteristics include safety, power savings, reliability, easy processing, and molding. It is a new high-tech product that combines various electric heating material.

6. Titanium Diboride is an excellent strengthening agent for Al Fe Cu and other metals.

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