Tin Ii Selenide Formula

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About Tin Ii Selenide

This illustrious crystalline solid is available to order online or in bulk from Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). The chemical formula for SnSe is CAS 1315-06-6.

Tin ii selenide is a narrow band gap semiconductor. It is a good choice for solar energy conversion and memory-switching applications.

The material has a host of unique properties including its high temperature thermoelectric properties and low lattice thermal conductivity. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly substance with elements that are abundant on the planet.

Typical synthesis involves weighting stoichiometric quantities of selenium and tin, then sealing them in a quartz ampoule under high vacuum. Then heating the ampoule to a temperature of about 490 C for 72 hours.

Other important factors affecting the quality of the material include its storage and preparation methods. A reputable supplier will provide accurate information regarding these aspects to help ensure that the end product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

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