The Property And Application of Zinc Sulfide Powder

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Zinc sulfide The chemical formula is ZnS. It is a white or off-white powder. Zinc Sulfide turns darker when exposed to sunlight.

Zinc Sulfide – A Special Property:

Zinc Sulfide is stable when in dry air. When in humid air over a period of time or in air that contains moisture, the zinc sulfide will gradually oxidize into zinc sulfate. Zinc Sulfide is insoluble in water but soluble in dilute acid.
Zinc sulfide, or zinc sulfide, is usually obtained through the reaction of hydrogen sulfide with zinc salt solutions. When a small quantity of Cu,Mn,Ag is added as an activater in the ZnS crystal, it will emit different colors after illumination. Zinc Sulfide has many uses, including as an analytical reagent for paints, opaque and white glass, rubber filling, plastic and for phosphor preparation.

Zinc Sulfide Application:

The zinc sulfide compound semiconductor nanomaterials are gaining attention for their excellent physical properties such as wide band gaps, high refraction indexes and high light transmissibility in the visible spectrum. Its enormous potential can be applied to optics.

Zinc Sulfide exhibits excellent electroluminescence and fluorescence effects. Nano-zinc has a unique effect. It has excellent properties in the areas of magnetism, electricity, optics and mechanics. It is for this reason that research into nano-zincsulfide was triggered. In 1994, Bhargava published a report stating that surface passivation nano-ZnS phosphors had an external quantum efficiencies of up to 18% when heated at high temperatures. They also had a fluorescence life of 5 orders of size shortened, and they also emitted light. ZnS has a much improved performance that opens up new applications for it.

Zinc sulfide may be used for making white pigments and glasses, luminous dust, rubber, paint, plastic, etc.

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