The Preparation And Applications of Chromium Carbide Powder

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Chromium carbide This inorganic compound has a chemical composition of Cr3C2 with a molecular number of 180.01. The powder form of chrome carbide (Cr3C2) has a metallic sheen. Chromium carbide is a powder with good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and oxidation under high temperatures (1000-1100).

Chromium Carbide Preparation

Metal chromium Powder Carbonization MethodCarbon black is pulverized along with electrolytic chromium in a ratio of 13,5% to 64%, (more than theoretically combined carbon of 11,333% by mass), to produce metal chromium granules of 325 mesh. This powder is then dry mixed using a ball mill.

In a Taman heater or an induction furnace, heat a hydrogen stream (hydrogen dew point is around -35degC) to 1500-1700degC and keep it for 1h. This will cause chromium to undergo carbonization reaction, resulting in chromium carbide. Heat the hydrogen stream (hydrogen’s dew point is -35degC), and then keep it at 1500-1700degC for an hour. This will cause the chromium to undergo a carbonization reaction, resulting in chromium carburide. The chromium is converted to chromium carburide after cooling.

Chromium Carbide Application

1. It is made of nickel-chromium alloy with cemented carbide particles. It is made from nickel-chromium with cemented carbon particles. Plasma spraying has been widely used for high-temperature resistant coatings.

2. Chromium carburide is used in the manufacture of cemented carbide as well as other wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant components. Cermets based upon Cr3C2 exhibit excellent oxidation resistance even at high temperature.

3. Chromium carbide is a material used in chromium-carbide ceramics. As a melt blown material, coarse-grained chrome carbide can be used to form a melt blown coating on metals or ceramics. It gives these materials properties such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance. It is widely used to improve the durability of aircraft engines and components for petrochemical machines.

4. Spraying semiconductor films with chromium-carbide is another option.

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