The Applications of Gallium Nitride Powder

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Gallium Nitride powder Overview
Gallium Nitride Powder It has the following characteristics: wide direct band gap; strong atomic bonds; high thermal conductivity; good chemical stability(almost zero acid corrosion); and strong antiradiation ability under high-temperature and high power devices.
Gallium Nickel GaN powder CAS 25617-97-4
What are the possible uses for Gallium Nitride Pulver?
1.GaN can also be used to create large TV screens, or small full-color panels on trains and buses.
2.Gallium-nitride is used for power semiconductors. This includes electric vehicles and photovoltaic generation.
3.Gallium trioxide is used in 5G radio frequency fields. It will gradually replace the use of silicon-based materials in this frequency field with gallium nutride.
4.GaN can be used to fast charge mobile phones.
5.GaN UV detectors are a new generation of detectors. Their wavelength is 369nm. There are many important applications.
6. The GaN material series is low in heat generation and has high breakdown electrical field. It is important for the creation of high-temperature electronic devices with high-power electronics and high frequency microwave devices.
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