Sodium stearate essential for cleaning products

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Introduction to sodium stearate

Sodium Octadecanoic is commonly referred to as sodium stearate. The chemical formula of sodium octadecanoic (C17H35COONa) is C17H35COONa. This organic substance has a white oily texture and a slight smell. It is created by the reaction of octadecanoic acids and sodium hydroxide. It’s used to make toothpaste, as well as a plastic stabiliser and waterproofing agent. Sodium Myristate also comes in an ultra-fine, white powder that has excellent lubricating properties, and is dispersing as well.

Is sodium Stearate harmful to skin?

Although sodium stearate has been synthesized, it is not made from petroleum. Nor is it produced in a repeatable process. It can be made using natural oils in a simple way. Natural fats, whether from plants or animals, contain a high amount of stearic. This means that they only need to be heated to a specific temperature in order to separate out the stearic component. The stearic combined with sodium is also stearic. The sodium fatty acid, which is also non-toxic, can be safely added to a wide range of everyday chemical products. The main ingredient in soap is sodium-stearate. This is a skin-safe substance. It is an essential surfactant, which can bind the oil on the top of the skin to dissolve it in water.

Many experiments and years of experience have proven its safety. It is important to know that because this ingredient has an improved degreasing action, people with dry or sensitive skin may experience an increase in dryness.

What is sodium stearate used for?

It can be used to emulsify, disperse, gel, stabilize, adhere, regulate viscosity, etc. It is a main ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, and food additives.

Use sodium stearate to make anticorrosive coatings

A paint that is anticorrosive and contains a modifier based on sodium stearate/methoxy-fatty amide. The paint is composed of zinc powder, inorganic silicate sodium, silicone emulsion and sodium stearate.

Zinc powder can be improved by adding sodium stearate. This will increase the thixotropic network structure and reduce the sedimentation. Add sodium methyl fatty acid amidobenzene to the system in order for it to be more soluble. The prepared paint is stable and has a good application value.

Hydrotalcite may be modified by using sodium stearate

Modification of magnesium-aluminum-carbonate hydrotalcite (MgAl-CO3 -LDHs) was achieved using sodium stearate. The modification process was examined in relation to the thermal stability and durability of polyvinylchloride. Characterization of hydrotalcite using XRD (X-ray Diffractometer), Fourier Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR, Scanning Electron Microscope SEM was performed.

The results showed that sodium-stearate was not able to change the structure of the hydrotalcite layer, but it was able to modify the surface. This improved the thermal stability, as well as the effect on PVC. The initial coloration does not have much effect but it can increase the thermal stability of PVC and the static thermal ageing time by 57.1%.

Is sodium stearate natural?

It is not a naturally occurring component but it is made from stearic. Stearic acid, which is a saturated fatty acids, can be produced from raw materials, such as rapeseed or palm oil. It can be made of.

Where is sodium Stearate found

This white solid is commonly known as soap. This soapy white solid is most commonly used. This substance is found in various types of deodorants as well rubbers, paints and inks. It is also used in food additives and flavoring agents.

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Sodium myristate Powder

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