Silver Mesh for Jewelry Pendants and Bracelets

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silver mesh is a flexible, lightweight metal that looks a lot like fabric. It drapes beautifully, and it can be used to make light-catching dangles or jewelry pendants. It can also be hung on a chain to create a stylish bracelet or necklace. It is available in strips one inch wide and a maximum continuous length of 24 inches. You can use jump rings to cold connect the ends, link it together for chain-like applications, or solder it on the entire lengths of the end pieces.

It is available from American Elements in rod, bar, and plate form, as well as powder, ingot, pieces, discs, granules, and compounds. It has a high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it suitable for many different applications. It is also resistant to corrosion.

This study compared early wound healing complications (delayed wound healing, deep infection and reoperations) between two increasingly popular dressing types following total hip arthroplasty (THA). The results indicate that 3M Tegaderm Ag Mesh dressing may reduce the risk of these complications when compared to standard silver-impregnated occlusive dressings. It is recommended to assess the wound bed before applying, and to moisten the dressing with sterile normal saline or sterile water if needed. Add absorbent wound fillers over the dressing if necessary, and change frequently.