Physical properties of silicon carbide powder pellet binder

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The binder for silicon carbide is made from white polymer, with a mere 1% addition. It improves the hydrophilicity and has a strong bonding function with silicon carbide raw material. Quartz sand, coke and anthracite are used as raw materials to make silicon carbide. It is then melted at a high temperature in the resistance furnace. Purity and particle size are important factors for the silicon carbide (SiC) to enter furnace raw materials. If not, it will cause problems like poor gas permeability in the furnace charge or incomplete reaction between C and SiO2. In order to avoid the problem of too fine raw materials being fed into the furnace in the form of a charge, high-purity binders are added and the charge is processed into smelting Pellets. It is used in the smelting process of silicon carbide. This helps to improve the gas permeability, finish the reaction of C with SiO2, and reduce emissions. This is the most effective way to reduce costs.
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