Nitinol Metal Powder – Property and Preparation

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What are the properties of nitinol metallic powder?

Nitinol Metal Powder (Niti alloy powder) is a Shape Memory alloy (SMA, for short). It has the ability to completely eliminate deformation when heated at a low temperature, and restore it after heating again. The alloy material with “memory’ effect is the original alloy shape.

Many successful applications of nitinol metallic powder have been made in the aerospace industry. The antenna can be made from memory alloy. Fold the parabolic satellite antenna into the body of the artificial satellite before it is launched. It is only necessary to heat the satellite after the rocket launches to place it in a specific orbit. The “memory function” of the folded antenna allows it to unfold and restore its parabolic shape.

Shape memory alloys have many applications in aerospace, electronics and machinery, biomedicine, bridge building, automobile industry, and everyday life.

What is a nitinol metallic powder preparation method?

The following raw materials are used for the PREP process to produce spherical metal powder of nitinol: NiTi bars.
Preparing spherical Nitinol Metal Powder by PREP Method is as follows: The raw materials must be weighed and sized according to the experimental plan and then poured directly into the cemented carbide tank ball mill for wet-grinding. The ball milling period is 24 hours. After the ball-milling, the pellets are vacuum-dried, with a drying time of 50 min and a temperature of 38deg C. They are then added as an forming agent to the granulation. The powdered material is placed in a single-column press to be compressed, then it is placed in an integrated dewaxing/low-pressure sintering furnace.
The PREP method, which has excellent mechanical properties, was successfully developed using NiTi bars as the raw material. This included batching (ball milling), drying, granulation (forming), and sintering. Among these, nitinol metallic powders are mostly spherical powders. As the particle size decreases, so does the martensite conversion temperature. The PREP method produces spherical metal powders of nitinol, which are improved in terms of hardness, density and bending strength.

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