Introduction to Graphite Powder

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What uses is graphite? It’s used as a demolding lubricant for the production of chemical fertilizer industrial catalysts.
Graphite is a graphite powder that has high-temperature resistance and high lubricity. It can also be used as a high temperature resistant lubricant and corrosion resistant lubricant.
It can be used to release powder metallurgy, as a metal alloy raw material, or as a lubricant for cable production.
It’s used for making carbon film resistor, dry mode conductive and preparing conductive coat.
To make fillers and performance enhancers of rubber, plastics, or any other type of composite material to improve wear resistance, pressure resistance, conductivity, or conductivity.
Natural graphite can be used to mark pencils, motor brushes, zinc-carbon batteries and other professional applications.
An innovative application for nuclear-grade graphite are the ultra-high temperature reactor (UHTR), as well as the next generation nuclear power plants (NGNP).

What is graphite?
Graphite is a form of graphite, but it’s only a powder. This retains all its primary and secondary characteristics.
Graphite, an allotrope for carbon, is called graphite. It is opaque solid and grayish black. It can cause a paper to be greasy.
It has a hardness level of 1-2. With an increase in vertical impurities, the hardness will rise to 3-5. The specific gravity ranges from 1.9 to2.3. The specific surface area of the mineral is limited to 1-20m2/g. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, its melting point is above 3000, so it is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. It can conduct heat and electricity.
Chemical stability, corrosion resistance. It is not easy to react against acid, alkali, or other agents. Graphite reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. Strong oxidants, such as potassium permanganate and concentrated nitric Acid, can oxidize graphite.
Natural graphite is not pure, so it often contains impurities, such as SiO2, Al2O3, FO, CaO and P2O5, or CuO. These impurities can often be found in the form quartz, pyrite or carbonate as well as other minerals. Water, asphalt, CO2, H2, C2, CH4, N2 or other gas parts are also available. The analysis of graphite requires that, in addition to determining the fixed carbon content, volatile matter and Ash must be done simultaneously.

Is graphite dust toxic?
Excessive intake of graphite can cause respiratory problems. There have been reports of pulmonary fibrosis (a form of occupational lung disease) and pneumoconiosis (a type of pulmonary fibrosis). Workers’ lung function and cardiovascular system may also be affected.

What can you substitute for graphite powder in
Graphite powder can be used as a dry lubricant. However, it can corrosive to aluminum in the presence of moisture. Graphite can now be replaced by molybdenum-dioxide MoS2 powder.

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