Eight Uses of Boron Powder in Different Fields

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Boron powder Solids are either silver-gray or black. Crystal boron is a black solid. It is also hardier than diamond and has brittle texture.
Elemental Boron is a dark or brownish powder. Diboron trioxide film forms when internal boron has been oxidized in oxygen. Boron powder can react at room temperature with fluorine and is not corroded if it is dissolved in hydrofluoric acid or an aqueous hydrofluoric acid solution.

While powdered Boron is insoluble with water, powdered Boron is soluble and dissolves in boiling nitric and sulfuric acids, as well as most molten metallics like copper, iron and manganese.

Boron powder used in different fields

Boron powder is used extensively in electronics, medicine, metallurgy and many other fields.

1. Boron powder is used in pyrotechnics. Boron is the best nonmetallic fuel for energy. The small surface area and irregular shape of boron powder make it much more difficult to ignite.

2. Boron powder can also be used as a raw material to make high-purityboron halide or other boron compound materials.

3. Boron powder is used in oxygen-free copper melts as a deoxidizer. During metal smelting, a small amount is added of boron powder. It can be used as a deoxidizer, to keep the metal from being oxidized at elevated temperatures.

4. Boron powder is used to make special metal products and to improve the mechanical properties.

5. Boron powder is also a good welding aid.

6. Boron powder is used to make solid rocket propellants.

7. Boron powder is used in the manufacture of automobile airbags.

8. Boron powder is used in the manufacture of magnesia carbon bricks that are used in high-temperature furnaces for steelmaking.

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