Cosmetic Additive Sodium Stearate

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, Sodium stearate , is an organic substance. Its formula chemical is C17H35COONa. It is an oily white powder that has a greasy odor and feels slippery.

Sodium Stearate Properties:

Sodium stearate has the chemical formula C17H35COONa. White oily powder, Sodium Stearate has a greasy smell and a slippery texture. Sodium Stearate is soluble in alcohol or hot water, and has a high water absorption rate in the atmosphere.

Sodium stearate dissolves in alcohol or hot water, but not in cold water. The alcohol solution is neutral, while the aqueous solution has an alkaline pH due to hydrolysis. The sodium stearate that is produced by the reaction of octadecanoic acids and sodium hydroxide.

Sodium Stearate is not soluble in acetone, light gasoline and other organic solvents. Sodium stearate also is not soluble in electrolyte solution such as sodium hydroxide or salt.

Applications for Sodium Stearate

The toothpaste industry uses sodium stearate as an anti-caking agent, plastic stabilizer, and waterproofing agent.

1. The sodium stearate used in toothpaste is a plastic stabilizer. It’s also used to make soap detergents.

2. It is used primarily to make soaps and detergents. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a bar soap excipient, an emulsifier, cosmetics, or O/W products.

3. Detergent Sodium stearate helps control foam when rinsing. (Sodium Stearate is the primary component of soap).

4. Emulsifiers or dispersants: Sodium Stearate is used to emulsify polymers and antioxidants.

5. To give the polyethylene film protective properties, Sodium Stearate is added.

6. Cosmetics: Sodium stearate is used as shaving gel, transparent viscose, etc.

7. Adhesive: Use Sodium Stearate as natural glue. Then paste the paper with it.

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