Copper Tungsten Sheet

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copper tungsten sheet offers a unique blend of high conductivity, erasion resistance and wear resistance. It is ideal for use as a copper tungsten electrode for EDM and resistance welding applications, electrical contacts in high voltage applications, heat sinks and other electronic packaging materials in thermal applications.

Electrode Material Overview

Copper tungsten electrodes are made by blending copper and tungsten powder into a preform and then being sintered at very high temperatures. The result is an electrode material with a high melting point, excellent wear and tear resistance, and long life cycles. It is also very versatile and holds up well to machining in sharp corners.

EDM & Resistance Welding Applications

The mix of copper and tungsten used in copper tungsten electrodes is varied based on the application required. As the conductive copper metal content increases, contact resistance decreases but electrical and thermal conductivity increase. As the refractory metal content decreases, contact erosion and contact sticking or welding become more of an issue.

Other Applications

Tungsten copper composite materials are primarily used in semiconductor devices. They have good heat resistance and a thermal expansion coefficient that matches silicon wafers, gallium arsenide, and ceramic materials. They can be made with various compositions to change the thermal expansion coefficient, which is important in determining device performance.

Specialty Shaped Charge Liners

Copper tungsten alloys are used in shaped charge liners with typically 70-90% tungsten and 10-30% copper compositions. These linings keep the charge and density of the explosive from breaking up, which is an important part of oil well completion.