Copper Granules and Their Uses

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copper granules are pieces of an approximately regular shape which may vary in size. This material is produced by melting pure copper and removing impurities. The resulting granules are reddish orange in color and possess good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

copper granules are used in surface treatment, metal evaporation, bronze welding and other production processes that require the highest quality of copper available. They are also used to produce salts, oxides and pigments for further treatment.

They have a very important role in the development of fine components in electrical devices and watches. They are also used in creating the PVD spread that protects devices against wear and increases their durability.

In addition, they are used to produce wires and cables in electrical equipments. They are also used in producing all kinds of alloys like brass, bronze and copper.

Moreover, copper granules are used to create precision casting in computer and transistor electronic components, tools, machinery production, car parts productions, instrument and measuring instrument production and pump production industries. They are also used to reduce irregularities and limescale on hard materials and to release tension that occurs in certain machinery components.

They are also used in 3D metal printing which is a process that relies on technology to produce a metal powder that is then used to layer in a way to create three-dimensional parts. They are very popular in this industry because they can provide various properties to the products made with them, such as hardening them or giving them corrosion resistance.