Copper-65 Window Film

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Copper is one of the most important metals and its alloys are used in electrical wiring, switches and electrodes. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat, so it is also used in plumbing, roofing and construction materials and for making coins. Copper is also known for its attractive reddish-brown color and ductility. It has a face-centered cubic crystal structure and dissolves in nitric acid, hot sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide and ammonium carbonate solutions. It is also soluble in acetone, chloroform and potassium cyanide solutions. Its toxicity is relatively low. Exposure to airborne dusts and fumes can cause irritation of the nose, throat and respiratory tract and may result in a metallic taste or sensation (metal fever). Ingestion of large amounts of copper(II) salts can be fatal.

Cu-65 is a non-radioactive, stable isotope of copper which can be produced either by fission or naturally occurring. American Elements produces many other stable metallic isotopes as well for biological and biomedical labeling, as target materials and for other applications.

Copper metal 65 is an excellent choice for a window film because it can reduce solar heat gain without interfering with natural light. It also helps to keep the interior of a building cool by reflecting solar radiation. These features make it an ideal solution for any residential or commercial building.