Chrome Plating

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Chrome is a popular metal protective coating material that reduces heat buildup, improves corrosion resistance, and decreases friction. It is used in many industries. For example, it is a popular coating for operating elements on appliances.

Chrome plating is an electrochemical process that coats metal objects with layers of chromium. The resulting surface is smooth and easy to clean. It is also a durable coating that prolongs the life of parts in high-friction environments.

A whitish platinum-colored chromium plate is easily recognized by its bright finish. It also has practically no reflection in the blue or purplish spectrum of light.

During the past two centuries, chrome plating has been widely utilized. It has been used in several industries, including steel, jewelry, and jewelry tools.

There are two major types of chrome plating: hexavalent and trivalent. Hexavalent chromium plating is an electrochemical process that produces white, platinum-like chromium. Trivalent chromium plating involves a larger number of chemicals and requires more control over the process.

Early experimenters attempted to electroplate chromium by using chromic acid and chromium chloride solutions. However, these techniques didn’t produce a satisfactory chromium plate.

Researchers at Cornell University and Columbia University were the first to develop a better chromium plate preparation technique. Their procedure essentially uses a chromic acid bath to produce a white, platinum-like chromium plate.

Unlike conventional electroplating processes, the improved procedure eliminates the occurrence of bluish, purplish chromium plates. In fact, it can even create a matte, whitish finish.

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