Beryllium Aluminum Alloys

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beryllium aluminum alloys provide unique thermal and mechanical properties needed for advanced military and aerospace applications.

In addition to aerospace, beryllium alloys also enhance precision computer chips used in the Internet of Things (IoT) – including phones, laptops, tablets, thermostats, home security systems and more. As demand for computer chips grows, beryllium alloys are becoming critical to the development of incredibly precise and high-performance computer processors.

beryllium aluminum alloys have high modulus, low coefficient of thermal expansion and resist vibration, extreme stress and rapid temperature changes. This makes them the perfect choice for constructing incredibly precise computer parts.

The market for beryllium aluminum alloys will continue to grow in North America, particularly in the aerospace and defense industries. These regions have significant investment in high-end aircraft and military equipment.

East Asia will see a growth in beryllium aluminum alloys due to growing demands from the automotive industry. This region is home to the largest aerospace and defense markets in the world.

Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) and extruded aluminum beryllium alloys are cost-effective for delivering the combination of strength, light weight, rigidity and versatile fabrication that satellite designers seek. These beryllium-containing alloys are integral in the design of satellites such as ORBCOMM, providing a lighter launch mass and increased payload capability.