Are there any prohibited items that should be paid special attention to when sending international express?

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Prohibited goods include 1. These include explosives, firecrackers and other dangerous items such as gasoline, alcohol kerosene, tung oils, matches, pesticides and detonators. The “Practical Handbook of Dangerous Chemistries” published by Industry Press lists all the dangerous chemicals in the Chemical Products section.
2. Narcotics such as morphine, cocaine, and opium are psychotropic substances. Items that are prohibited from being circulated or delivered by national laws such as guns, foreign or domestic currencies, etc. ;
3. Perishables and all types of live animals including fresh fish, meat, etc. ).
4. Items that harm public health include bones (including incinerated ones), animal skins which have not yet been nitrated as well as animal bones made without medicine.
5. Reactionary publications, books or windows, or materials that are obscene, etc.
6. If you want to know more about the Chemical Product If the item you’re sending isn’t listed in “Practical Handbook of Dangerous Chemistries”, you will need to provide an identification document issued by the local first-level chemical product ID department, which confirms that the products are non-hazardous. The relevant appraisal department is responsible for the results. Tongrun supplies you with nanopowder material. Consultations are available at any time if you have questions about which powders you can mail. The company operates both an import and export business for nanomaterials. Click here to access the following information:

These are the specific classifications
(1) Valueds: gold bricks, coins, silver bars and platinum.
(2) Checks, cash, credit cards or phone cards; blank travel tickets; non-cash tickets
Antiques and handicrafts such as Ming Dynasty ceramics and exquisite glass items.
(4) Medical specimens: diagnostic samples (blood samples, urine samples and human tissues).
(5) A variety of dangerous goods, including those that are explosive, toxic, inflammable, corrosive and strong acid-base. Matches (both liquid and solid), detonators (gunpowder), firecrackers; gasoline, kerosene; alcohols (liquids and solids); sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids.
(6) All forms of powerful poisons, narcotics and psychotropic drugs. As arsenic or opium.
(7) Items that are prohibited from shipping or circulation by national laws. Cultural relics and weapons are prohibited.
Newspapers, books and pictures that are obscene, reactionary or offensive. Audio-visual products such as laserdiscs, computer disks, compact discs, DVDs, VCDs.
Obstructing the general public. Bones, including burned bones, animal skins, animal bone that has not been medicated etc.
10) Animals, plant species and their specimens
(10) Unrecognizable white powder
(12) Liquids: seafood, alcoholic beverages (beer, liquor, etc. ), liquids, etc.
(13) Fragile products: glass products
Pornography, gambling and drugs are also prohibited. Guns, knives etc. All of the above is not permitted. Some of these products can be mailed through couriers to foreign countries, provided they are not illegal.

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