Ammonium Octamolybdate

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ammonium octamolybdate is an important molybdenum chemical product and raw material for low-temperature reduction production of molybdenum powder. It is a white to off-white powder with an average particle size of 100m. It is mainly used as a smoke suppressant flame retardant in PVC plastic and in chemical and metallurgical industries. In addition, it is also used in agriculture as a soil nutrient.

The present invention provides a novel isomeric form of ammonium octamolybdate (X-AOM) with significant functional capabilities and a specialized manufacturing process that is capable of producing X-AOM in high yields and with a high degree of purity. A detailed description of the claimed product and method is provided in the Detailed Description of Preferred Embodiments section below.

It has been found that organic ligands L such as 4-methylpyridine can stabilize the octamolybdate anion Mo8O26(L)24-. The presence of these ligands may explain the relatively mild temperature at which thermal decomposition of g-octamolybdates occurs. Moreover, the octamolybdate ion can be directly connected to amines through an octahedral coordination site. The presence of these ligands therefore prevents a strong exothermic reaction between octamolybdate and molybdenum oxide.

It has been further determined that the geometry optimization of b-octamolybdate anions does not significantly influence their thermodynamic properties or stability. This is in contrast to the results obtained for g-octamolybdates, where geometric parameters such as bond lengths and angles were found to have considerable impact on their stability. This suggests that organic ligands are a crucial stabilizing factor in octamolybdate systems and that their omission from theoretical calculations may result in inaccurate results.