Aluminum Boride Powder Properties And Preparation

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Aluminum boride AlB2 is a binary chemical compound that consists of aluminum and boran. It is a dark gray powder at normal temperatures and pressures. It loses the gloss on its surface when heated.

Aluminum Boride Powder Properties

Aluminum diboride remains stable in cold dilute acids, but decomposes when heated hydrochloric or nitric. After heating and reacting, fine powders of aluminum are mixed with boron.
Aluminum diboride and AlB12 are two compounds made of aluminum and boran. They are both commonly called aluminum boride. AlB12, a monoclinic crystal of black and shiny with a specific gravity of 2,55 (18degC), is a solid. It is insoluble with water, alkali or acid. Nitric acid hot decomposes it. It is produced by melting together boron, sulfur, and aluminum.

In the structure, aluminum diboride is composed of B atoms forming a graphite like sheet, with Al atoms interspersed. This structure is very similar in structure to magnesium diboride. The AlB2 crystal has metallic conductivity parallel to the hexagonal surface of the substrate.

Aluminum Boride Powder Preparation

Aluminum borides are AlB2, AlB4, and ALB12. Their structure is similar to other intermetallics, and it depends more on the valence relationship between aluminum metal and boran than its crystal structure. AlB2, AlB4 or AlB12 are the aluminum borides. AlB2 diboride can be produced by a reaction between two elements at 600degC.

Powder metallurgy prepares AlB12 using amorphous Boron powder and Aluminum powder as the raw materials. Powder metallurgy is used to prepare AlB12 powder using amorphous boron powder and aluminum powder as raw materials.

Aluminum diboride may be dissolved with diluted hydrochloric to produce a reducing acid solution that contains HB(OH+3). AlB2 does not dissolve in diluted sulfuric or nitric acids.

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